ROKiT EYE Q - solos

Solos Smart Audio Glasses

Size & Fit

Frame size: regular
52mm-10mm-156mm (lens, nose, temples)

EYE Q frame is best suited for regular heads and ideal for many face shapes and nose heights.

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ROKiT EYE Q - solos

Smart Audio Glasses

Perfect combination of Bluetooth and glasses. With an open-ear speaker system, solos Bluetooth audio glasses allow you to enjoy the world outside while talking clearly to the phone call you're on or listening to the music.

Care For Your Ears And Eyes

ROKiT EYE Q with open-ear system, let you enjoy your music without affecting your hearing and protect your eyes thanks to the polarized or anti-blue light lenses. Lightweight for long-term wear and stable without slipping.

Be Safety Aware Of Your Surroundings

Frees your ear from earbuds so you can stay aware of traffic, pedestrians, or whatever else you’re up against when exercising outdoor activities like running, cycling.

Choose What Works For You

Far More Than Eliminating Glare. Polarized for maximum protection from UV and glare, improve the vision and comfort of those wearing them. Anti-blue light for protecting your eyes from blue light. Polarized smart sunglasses are suitable for outdoor use, and anti-blue light smart glasses are more suitable for indoor use.

Select Other Lenses To Fit More Scenarios

With the EYE Q Lenses Collection, you can find the right lenses to fit your different usage scenarios.

What’s in the box

Audio Glasses *1

Replaceable Black Polarized Lenses *1

Charging Cable *1

PU Portable Glass Case *1

Flannel Bag *1

Cleaning Cloth *1

Manual *1

Dimensions / weight

Frames solos:148 mm x 52 mm x 156 mm ( Frame - Lenses - Temple )

Carrying case:117mm x 68mm x 96mm( length - width - height )

Product weight:40g

Package weight:360g


Frames: TR-90 with IPX4 water-resistant rating

Lenses: Shatter- and scratch-resistant premium plastic

Carrying case: PU leather case and soft flannel bag


Battery life: Up to 5 hours

Battery charging time: Up to 1 hour

Battery charge method: USB magnetic charging cable


Large size speaker with diameter of 16 mm

Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
marco ferrari
Ciao una domanda...Rokit il video?


Tina Lai
THE BEST! Stylish, Cute, Versatile AND Amazing Sound Quality!!

These are so amazing! I just returned my Echo glasses because they were large for my lil nose. I was bummed until I got THESE! The quality, the style, even the versatility as sunglasses! Its like a plus, a plus & a plus! Makes a 5-star essential bluetooth for ALL! Im buying like 5 more of these for Christmas presents & also for having the black frames too! I LOVE THESE.


I am very pleased with the functionality of these glasses. I have to say I was skeptical about how well they would perform, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The glasses felt very good, and fit great. I was concerned they would be too bulky, but they are not. They feel and look very much like normal sunglasses.

The sound quality for music playback is very good. I do wish that there was a way to adjust volume levels directly on the glasses, maybe a future upgrade could address this.

As far as receiving phone calls, it was easy to operate, and the sound came in clearly from the other line. However, I found that the other party sometimes had trouble hearing my voice through the glasses, and I had to speak more loudly. This was especially true if there was more background noise. Not too terrible though, all things considered.

I found them very convenient to wear and use. I especially liked that I could listen to music/podcasts/etc. without having to wear earbuds, so that allowed me to still hear background noises, other people speaking, etc.

All in all, a good buy, reasonably priced, and I would recommend them.

Smart Glass

I like sound quality and replaceable glass

David Lee
Much Better Than Expected

I was looking for a sun-glass+bluetooth combo to walk with while listening to music outdoor but a little skeptical about them. After I picked this up I was surprised by the quality and presentation.

The item is very well packed with a glass bag + protective case.
And the item itself doesn't feel cheaply made (I got the Matte Black), while the sound quality might not be able to compare with the $200 earbud the quality does surprise me as the sound is crisp and it is loud enough to enjoy the music without having something stuck in our ear and quite enough for someone that is in the same room.

The glasses are overall comfortable and do not weigh too much. This glass can be worn for over 1 hour without my ear feeling tired.

One of the nice bonuses is that it came with a pair of blue light lenses that can be exchanged under WFH sitting, to enjoy the music while protecting the eyes from the monitors.

Overall this is a very good purchase.