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Experience the Future of Newly-Launched ROKiT EYE Q Smart Glasses

Ronnie’s ROKiT EYE Q smart glasses

ROKiT EYE Q Smart Glasses

Experience the Future of Newly-Launched Smart Glasses with ROKiT EYE Q

ROKiT EYE Q smart glasses range, part of ROKiT Life, known for its innovative design and precise engineering is becoming a recognized name in smart glasses.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 5, 2022 / -- ROKiT EYE Q announces the launch of smart glasses that have an innovative audio system integration. Through an optimized acoustic structure design and a unique OPEN EAR Airwave™ technology, where each temple of the glasses has sound, microphone, wireless Bluetooth chipset, and battery installed, the glasses enable wearers to listen to music, talk on their mobile phones and use the voice-assistant features on their smartphone.
ROKiT EYE Q Smart sunglasses
ROKiT EYE Q glasses are available in a wide variety of frame styles, colors, and lens combinations, including UV lenses, and are designed for people who appreciate the convenience offered through seamless, hands-free Bluetooth connectivity to their smartphones through their stylish smart glasses rather than through uncomfortable earbuds.
ronnie wearing the blue light blocking smart glasses
One world-famous advocate of ROKiT EYE Q smart glasses is Ronnie O’Sullivan, the world’s number one snooker player and current World Snooker Champion with seven World Titles and 39 Ranking Titles amassed through his long and hugely successful career. Ronnie is known for his incredible skill, determination, and unstoppable drive and has been described by the world’s most famous living artist, Damien Hirst, as the ‘Mozart of Snooker’. He is regarded as the greatest snooker player of all time.
Several billion people watched the World Snooker Championship this year and almost certainly saw Ronnie O’Sullivan wearing his ROKiT EYE Q glasses, specially designed in conjunction with Ronnie himself.
Ronnie’s glasses

Ronnie’s glasses are a classic design with black rectangular frames with thin arms and a thick nose bridge and polarized lenses. They have a subtle, professional look that suits him well and comes with extra features including enhanced bass effect and ‘Open Ear’ natural sound to create a more natural listening experience, with a five-hour playtime. Furthermore, Ronnie’s ROKiT EYE Q smart glasses come with a magnetic charging cable, a carry case, a soft glasses pouch with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, and a user’s manual.

ROKiT Life is part of the ROKiT Group of Companies, a diverse portfolio of innovative tech, premium, and pioneering services and products including mobile phones, Smart WiFi technologies, beverages, E-bikes, and payment cards, apparel, and global content production and distribution.

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