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ROKiT Eye Q Smart Glasses Reviews

ROKiT Eye Q Smart Glasses Reviews


What our customer say about Eye Q?

Listen To Music A Different Way? May have changed my life a little? They're not glasses, these are actually headphones.

ROKiT EYE Q - This is how you do smart glasses!

Today we are back on it with a new pair of smart audio glasses. The EYE Q come from ROKiT and may be the best pair I have tried yet.l But hows the fit, the sound and other features? Lets take a look!

RoKiT Eye Q Solo Smart Glasses Review!

The RoKiT Eye Q Solos Smart Glasses offer some nice specs with a level of design customization I haven't seen for smart glasses in this price range.

Rokit Life Audio Glasses - Can they REPLACE your earbuds?

Rokit Life audio glasses are ingenious, i never expected them to perform so well, massive thanks to Rokit Life for the day out.

Explore the wonders of nature with ROKiT EYE Q

L'INCREDIBILE Comune PIÙ PICCOLO del Veneto! E la Ferrovia PIÙ ARDITA d'Italia!

Vi porto a scoprire un piccolissimo angolo di Paradiso! Un Canyon con pareti a strapiombo e laghetti dalle acque cristalline e la Ferrovia più ardita d'Italia tutto si trova in Veneto!

Hear it all - ROKiT Eye Q Smart Glasses | ROKiT Life Review

Do you love gadgets? Of course, you do. You wouldn't be here otherwise!
Anyway, I have recently stepped upon the ROKiT Eye Q smart glasses with built-in speakers that allow you to listen to music while keeping situational awareness and as a bike rider - this may have changed my life a little.
Anyway, unboxing, first impressions and summary are here!

ROKiT EYE Q Smart Glasses - Listen To Music A Different Way | ROKiT Life

ROKiT EYE Q Smart Glasses - Listen To Music A Different Way - I attended the ABB Formula E World Championship on behalf of ROKiT Venturi Racing. I was also gifted some ROKiT EYE Q Smart glasses and in this video you will find out all about them.

Ronnie O'Sullivan dons glasses and has fans in hysterics in World Snooker Championship interview

Ronnie was clearly in good spirits as he faced the cameras for his post match interview, and treated viewers to a glimpse of his new glasses. He pulled them out to BBC match interviewer Rob Walker, who was also wearing lenses, before declaring: "These are actually headphones. They're not glasses. Yours are glasses, mine are not because I can't see."



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