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How To Choose The Best Smart Sunglasses For Your Face Shape?

Choose The Best Smart Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

A great pair of smart sunglasses can instantly elevate your appearance and make your life more fun, even if you're just walking down the street in jeans and a T-shirt. And figuring out which type of face shape you have is the key to choosing the right frame of smart sunglasses, you may ask how to determine your face shape and how to choose, here is the answer:




Generally, face shapes are divided into the following five types: oval, round, square, heart, and Triangle.


1. Face Shape | Oval

An oval face has slightly wider cheekbones with a gently curved jawline. Pretty much any frame is going to work well on oval faces.



2. Face Shape | Round

A round face doesn’t have prominent cheekbones and forehead. It is less angular. Large rectangles and square frames make your face look smaller and help balance your face shape.


smart glasses for round face shape people


3. Face Shape | Square

A square face has more angular lines with equally wide cheekbones, forehead, and jaw. Round or oval frames can add softness to angular faces.


smart glasses for square face shape people


4. Face Shape | Heart

A heart face has a pointed jaw and a wide forehead. Cat-eye styles or glasses that feature rounded edges are ideal for giving you a more balanced look.


smart glasses for heart face shape people


5. Face Shape | Triangle

A triangle face has a wider jaw and gradually narrows through to the forehead. Cat-eye frames are the best choices for you to soften the broader jawline and visually adjust your face shape.


smart glasses for triangle face shape people


Now that you know your face shape and the best smart sunglasses frames to shop, it’s time to find your perfect style and enjoy life.

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