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We are ROKiT

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#We Are ROKiT. We’re in it for life.

The mission of ROKiT Life - Art of Craft and technology in the service of a better life.

ROKiT likes to do things differently. We‘re passionate about creating outstanding products and services that improve people’s lives through a culture where innovation and teamwork are valued.

We firmly believe that through our core values, we can make a difference.

ROKiT EYE Q Is Our First Step

What is ROKiT EYE Q?

ROKiT EYE Q is the name of the series of smart audio glasses products and the first product of ROKiT Life.

While personal portable consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, AR / VR, and smartwatches have greatly improved people‘s quality of life, they inevitably bring some negatives and one of those is how best to listen and talk to and through these devices.

ROKiT EYE Q smart audio glasses allow you to hear the sound of the outside world while listening to music and talking on the phone.

ROKiT EYE Q smart audio glasses are just the beginning. We will continue to bring more and more new technologies to market.

We are ROKiT. We are in it for life.




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