Open V.S. Closed Ear Audio Bluetooth Glasses System

Open V.S. Closed Ear Audio Bluetooth Glasses System


Over the past few years, the demand for better, more intuitive Bluetooth systems has driven the development of new technology. The most common system today is an open-ear style, which wraps around the ear and delivers music and calls directly into the ear. These systems are great for music but aren’t ideal for calls and other tasks requiring a little background noise. Closed-ear Bluetooth systems offer an alternative to open-ear systems, delivering calls and other audio through the ear without completely blocking the ear.

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Let's take a look at the difference between the two.




Wireless audio transmission is a closed-ear system. This system uses tiny earbuds that are designed to be small, lightweight, and comfortable for music listening. The major drawback of this system is that background noise can be picked up by the earbuds, which can reduce the quality of the music being heard. The closed-ear buds are small and fit inside the ear, and can be paired with any Bluetooth device. However, closed-ear systems require the wearer to wear earbuds and earphones, which can be uncomfortable, or inconvenient. 

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Devices such as headphones and earbuds have been the traditional cutting-edge wireless system. But the limitations of this system have become clear: the range is short, the connection is often intermittent, and the devices can be expensive. The solution to these problems is smart audio glasses which are a perfect combination of Bluetooth and Glasses. Smart Audio Glasses uses a combination of technology to provide a better, more consistent wireless experience than traditional wireless systems. 

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There are many trying to be at the top of the list but there is only one that catches the eye of the people by its astounding features. Currently being the highest quality smart audio glasses ROKiT EYE Q becoming capable of performing a wider variety of functions. Some of the functions include Bluetooth connectivity, listening to music and radio, conducting phone calls, and zoom meetings, and the glasses are water-resistant with UV protection.


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