ROKiT Reading Lenses For Solos 2

Sale priceDhs. 75.00 AED

Color: +1.00 Diopter (D)


  • Interchangeable Different Strength Lens
  • Easy to install
  • Only available for ROKiT Solos 2 Frame
  • Shatter-and-scratch resistant

Solos 2

Reading Lenses

As you hold the menu further and further away and the fine text becomes more and more blurred, then it hits you: you need reading glasses. ROKiT Life provides interchangeable reading lenses that you can replace with the right reading lenses for your solos smart glasses.


Reading Lenses for Solos 2


2.19 × 1.45 inches





Follow the simple steps below to find your reading lenses power:

Step 1.
Hold paper 14 inches away from your face, without glasses on.

Step 2.
Start reading the chart below beginning with the top row. If you cannot read the top line clearly, please move to the next row.

Step 3.
Repeat this process until you can clearly read an entire row.

Step 4.
When you reach a row you can clearly read, the reading lenses power that best suits your eyes is located to the right of that row.

How To Replace The Lenses For Your Solos?

Step 1

With the back of the frame facing up, apply gentle pressure along the edge until the lens is free of the frame.

Step 2

With the front of the frame facing up, align the lens on one side of the frame, then slowly press the other side into the frame along the edge of the lens.

Step 3

Repeat the above operations on the other side to complete the replacement.