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Top Tip For Choosing Smart Audio Glasses

Top Tip For Choosing Smart Audio Glasses

Tips 1: Understand their function


Smart glsses for having a call, listening to music and voice-assistant compatible


The glasses look good but don't forget that functionality is important too. Look for smart audio glasses with Bluetooth connectivity, voice control, answering calls, volume adjustment, water resistance, and UV protection that will make them easier to use daily and keep your hands free.



Tips 2: Find a pair that complements your face shape.


Find a audio smart glasses that complements your face shape


The general rule of thumb is to choose sunglasses that are the opposite shape to your face. So, if you have a square face, look for round frames, and if you have a round face, look for square frames. Heart faces are best suited to aviator or cat-eye styles. An oval face can pretty much match any frame well.



Tips 3: Find your right size

The right size will greatly increase your comfort in wearing your glasses. Know the size of your glasses, to make sure the lenses, frames and frame arms are the right length for you.



Tips 4: Classics never go out of style

You can choose a classic style so that you can wear it for many years.



Tips 5: Find your lens tint

While the color of the lenses will not affect the UV protection index, it will determine the scenario in which the glasses are best suited for use. Grey lenses are a great choice for general use outdoors, simply darkening what you’d ordinarily see without distorting colors. Green lenses keep color distortion to a minimum, while brown/amber/low-light tints block blue light to improve the overall contrast and provide you with a brighter view on cloudy days. Rose-colored tints are often thought to be the most comfortable for long periods of wear as they reduce eye strain. The interchangeable lenses provide you with more convenient options for matching different usage scenarios.


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