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ROKiT Replacement Lenses For Solos Frames
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Blue Light BlockingLow LightPolarized

Blue Light Blocking Lenses - Replaceable lenses for ROKiT EYE Q Smart Audio Glasses

Featuring an intuitive design, these replacement Blue-light Filtering lenses for the ROKiT Solos Frames are easy to interchange on your own. They block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays—with a polarized option available. And they’re forged from premium materials to ensure they won’t easily scratch or shatter. Free Shipping on all orders. 


BLUE-LIGHT BlOCKING (POLARIZED) lenses are ideal for reading books, playing games or watching movies. Choose from clear, blue light protection, polarized sun, transitions lenses and mirror coated lenses. Design a pair of ROKiT glasses that serves you best. It’s time to say good bye to eye fatigue, eyestrain, dry eye & headache.


Look no further if you’re looking for a versatile tint that performs in nearly all environments. Low light lenses are ideal for most outdoor activities, like fishing, golfing, cycling, and driving.

ROKiT Blue Light Blocking Lenses