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ROKiT Replacement Lenses For Solos Frames
Clear LensesYellowBrown/Amber LensesGrey LensesBlack Lenses
Blue Light BlockingLow LightPolarized

Low Light Lenses - Replaceable lenses for ROKiT EYE Q Smart Audio Glasses Solos Frames

Featuring an intuitive design, these replacement lenses for the ROKiT Solos Frames are easy to interchange on your own. They block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays—with a polarized option available. And they’re forged from premium materials to ensure they won’t easily scratch or shatter. Offering the widest selection of ROKiT lenses online. Over 5 colors available. Free Shipping on all orders. 


BLUE-LIGHT BlOCKING (POLARIZED) lenses are ideal for reading books or watching movies. AMBER BROWN (POLARIZED) lenses are ideal for road running and cycling. BLUE (POLARIZED) lenses are ideal for trail running and mountain biking. YELLOW (POLARIZED) lenses are ideal for evening or early morning training. GREY or BLACK(POLARIZED) lenses are ideal for reducing bright light.


Look no further if you’re looking for a versatile tint that performs in nearly all environments. Low light lenses are ideal for most outdoor activities, like fishing, golfing, cycling, and driving.


ROKiT Low Light Lenses